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viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

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You remember that you can purchase a copy of these comics. visit my other blog for more information.
you can get my previous volumes:
If you are interested in Kamina complete collection you can achieve the above numbers.

the order is as follows:

Kamina Collection 01: Dragon Age x 9 pages (color) 7.99 USD

Kamina Collection 02: Mass Effect x5pages (color). 3USD. only
Kamina Collection 03: Mass Effect x2 10pages (color) and extra pinup. 10USD. only.
Kamina Collection 04: Sweet Fighter 8 pages (color) only 8.99USD
Kamina Collection 05: Midna´s Quest. 8 pages (color) 2.55 USD.
Kamina Collection 06: Ninja´s Stuff. soon...
Kamina Collection 07: Final Frantasy XXX 11 pages (color) 9.99USD
very special adventures...
Also, you can ask me your own commision. the slots are open. attached price list.
 Final Frantasy XXX

 Ninja´s Stuff
 Resient Evil (incomplete)
Sweet Fighter.
Happy maguic Mishap

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  1. i would love to see some
    -Darksiders 2
    -gears of war 3
    - tripping the rift
    -mortal kombat
    -dead or alive